Low MOQ Accept
2021-06-08    custom packaging and a logo 

Last year, a client approached us to buy fake nails. He needed 1,000 pieces of custom packaging and a logo. Usually, there is no way to customize the package of 1000 pieces. But the customer told us that some of the suppliers he had worked with before could not meet his requirements, which caused him a lot of losses, so he wanted to customize a small amount of products first. He said that he saw our company on the Google and felt that we were a reliable and professional company, and he really wanted to try our first cooperation with us.

We believe that every customer has great potential. So we accept the customer's quantity request. We began to communicate with customers about the details of packaging customization.

The customer doesn’t have his own design team, so we provided the packaging design according to the style selected by the customer. He is very satisfied with our work. This makes us very happy, and we can smoothly enter the next production link.

When calculating prices before production, we found that prices were a bit higher than expected due to rising raw materials. After we communicated with the customer about the situation. He is reluctant to increase his target price, because the price of sea freight is also increasing. So we adjusted the packaging material and chose liquid glue. Finally, we achieve the packaging design according to the customer's target price.

The customer was very satisfied after receiving the sample of the packaging design. He immediately placed the order, and also provided us with the design of the packaging sticker. He also said that he would establish a long-term cooperative relationship with us and was very satisfied with our service and product quality.

Sure enough, two months later, the customer contacted us and reported that our products were very popular in the local market. He immediately increased purchases from us. At the same time, the customer chose the customer-customized packaging. Since then, customers have maintained a long-term friendly cooperative relationship with our company.